Laying of floor and wall surfaces

  • On 14 luglio 2017
Of course we cannot forget the professionals who specialise in the installation of our materials, ceramics, mosaics, stones, parquet, surfaces etc. All of our partners have worked with us for many years and have excellent references, experience and professionalism in their respective fields. We always try to give you the best quality/price ratio.
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Laying special foundations

  • On 13 luglio 2017
The best products, such as wood, ceramic and resin, require special foundations: our partners have worked for us for many years and have excellent references, experience and professionalism.
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Fitting and delivery

  • On 11 luglio 2017
Home delivery gives you the ease and convenience of having your purchase delivered directly to your door. Our fast delivery times are agreed directly with you. Our staff will assist you from your initial choice up to the final installation, so that each change you make to your environment is easy, fast and safe.
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Continuous surfaces laying

  • On 10 luglio 2017
Eco mortar surfaces can be applied by specialized staff who have been selected and trained by the company to ensure that the material performs to the highest level.
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Turnkey projects

  • On 8 luglio 2017
Choosing the right furnishings, so that they stand the test of time and always stay contemporary, becomes simple thanks to the advisory service. The experience of our architects, designers, interior designers, surveyors and engineers will help you to research the features of your project, with turnkey designs and budgets.
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Customisable payment

  • On 5 luglio 2017
To make every purchase more accessible and to respond to the needs of our customers with a secure and guaranteed solution, we offer personalised instalment payments and financing.
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