The natural warmth of the sun in your environment

Innovation in the heating sector achieved through hightechnological content radiant products and surfaces. CALDOBENESSERE satisfies the need to combine technology with aesthetic effect, offering maximum comfort and very low thickness, ensuring high performance in flooring, coatings and furniture.

The self-modulating elements consume only the amount of energy necessary to maintain the temperature at an ideal level. Continuously maintaining a consistent temperature ensures greater efficiency than a system that uses on/off cycles.

The CALDOBENESSERE system does not require the installation of a gas meter, boilers, manifolds, zone valves, flues or gas pipes. It reduces installation time and requires no annual maintenance resulting in significant cost savings while complying with the Kyoto Protocol.


Our heating technology uses the same principle as solar rays, in the one FIR (Far InfraredRays) range of between 6-14 microns which aligns perfectly with the absorption spectra of our skin.

A study from the University of Tokushima (Japan) revealed no less than 18 benefits as a result of being exposed to this physiological warm light:

  • It promotes a greater level of oxygen in the blood
  • It improves skin breathability
  • It promotes faster growth of healthy cells
  • It boosts the immune system
  • It alleviates muscle and joint pains
  • It activates the water molecules in the body
  • It reduces the development of bacteria
  • It stimulates healing and regeneration of the skin
  • It can prevent the development of toxins in the muscles
  • It reduces the constitution of fatty acids in the tissues
  • It reduces the growth of bacteria
  • It reduces odours
  • It assists the elimination of waste and toxins
  • It accelerates recovery following trauma and surgery
  • It contributes to improving blood flow
  • It alleviates swelling and pain
  • It reduces energy costs
  • It can be used continuously

The CALDOBENESSERE system, thanks to the absolute cutting edge in nanotechnology, applied to the OLTREMATERIA®innovative continuous surfaces allows renovation of an old surface or the creation of a new one in the one thickness of 24 mm.

The OLTREMATERIA® ECOMALTA® (ECO-MORTAR) and OLEOMALTA® (OIL MORTAR) floors are an excellent alternative to traditional flooring systems, ensuring perfect continuity, resistance to wear and abrasion by chemicals in addition to ease of cleaning.

There are multiple use possibilities, regardless of the surfaces to be covered. In addition to being effective in residential buildings, this system is highly suitable for use inside constructions intended for the large non-constant influx of persons such as hotels, theaters, schools and community spaces.



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