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Easy and safe do-it-yourself Eco-coating

Would you like to apply your Eco-Coating  in an safe and easy way yourself and without any demolishing work?
The new Eco-Coating,  water-based single-component resin,

Ecological, durable, reusable , economical.
Directly on your old lining without demolishing:

  • Renew the walls of your old bathroom
  • Revive your shower
  • Renew your old furniture
  • Give new life to your old doors
  • Can be applied to walls
  • For all kinds of decorations
  • For all types of support: ceramic, wood, plasterboard, cemen

Easy, fast, cheap and safe Eco-coatings.
Designed for all decorators and DIY enthusiasts.

Eco-Coating ResinoFacile: a highly innovative product for all types of supports and surfaces. You can personalize any kind of space. Also for new rooms and surfaces which require solutions in line with modern and technically advanced design.
Thanks to our Handbook the Eco-Coating RESINOFACILEcan be applied quickly and safely without demolishing or rebuilding and therefore cutting down on costs. Since it is easy to use it is also suitable for DIY.

RESINOFACILE products are Italian water-based decorative eco-resins with exceptional adhesion to the most difficult surfaces. They are waterproof, easily washable, hygienic, durable, reusable and lasting, non-toxic with very low and controlled emissions and high resistance to the action of natural or artificial light.

Highly resistant to food stains and stains in general, dirt repellent and anti-drip.

Eco-Coating for any surface/environment requiring HACCP regulations.

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